Duct Testing

The IECC 2012 also calls for HVAC systems to pass a Total Air Leakage Test at a pressure of 25 Pascals.

Our Retrotec DucTester US-342 depressurizes your HVAC system to minus 25 Pascals with respect to atmospheric pressure. The DM32W Digital WiFi Gauge measures the air flow at that pressure and gives the Total Duct Leakage in Cubic Feet per Minute per 100 square feet of conditioned living space. The Energy Code calls for this number to be at or below 4.0.

If the system is leaky, Blower Doors and Ducts can help isolate the problem using thermal imagery, smoke testing, and pressure pans, in conjunction with years of experience in building science and construction. 

Furthermore, the DM32W Digital Wifi Gauge enables us to trouble shoot and track such preventative measures in real time.